Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Our kitchen is so retro now -- last redone in 1940 and as ugly as you can imagine. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy to redo. There are FIVE doors into this room the movement and ability to use something helpful (like an island) might be impossible. Also, we probably need it rewired, need to add a dishwasher, and to fix the sagging floors (the 100 year house is well built except for that one small condition!

I haven't even brought up the possibility with my husband. I want to have an easy, low budget idea before discussing it! Nothing huge, just to cover the ugly 40's era yellow laminate kitchen countertops (and a small area should make that cheap), refinish the walls -- tile on the backsplash section of the counter/sink wall (also small area) and repaint the walls and cabinet (plus new pulls), and the floor needs some cheap new floor covering (laminate would be better than what we have!). I am fine with our old crap, but need to realize that it should at least look better with a cheap cosmetic touchup.

Plus, I just love looking at other people's great ideas. So, I am going to record new ideas here.

Love this look (and it isn't too off what ours looks like)


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